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  • Air Freight Transport

    Air Freight Transport

    We provide an air freight transport for imports and exports with attractive rates because of our strategic alliances with the most important Airlines of the world.

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  • Courier


    Through this service you can send from Miami lightweight load without paying for minimum values. We send your merchandise all over the world by the Courier Bag modality.

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  • Ground Services

    Ground Services

    Less than truckload service to virtually any address in North America.

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  • Handling dangerous goods

    Handling dangerous goods

    If you want to send dangerous goods, we will handle it following all the safety standards.

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  • E Commerce

    E Commerce

    It is a personalized online shopping service where we provide a FREE box in Miami through which you can make purchases at any store in the US or the world.

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  • Pick ups in the United States

    Pick ups in the United States

    Siatigroup allows you to coordinate pick ups from anywhere in the United States in case your provider can not send your shipment to our warehouse.

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  • Merchandise delivery within the United States

    Merchandise delivery within the United States

    By air or land we can deliver your shipments to anywhere in the United States.

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  • Special Packaging

    Special Packaging

    Due to the requirements of some means of transport the repack is needed to safeguard and preserve their content

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  • Customs Brokerage

    Customs Brokerage

    We have strategic alliances with several Customs Brokers to nationalize the incoming merchandise to the United States.

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  • Miami Business Center

    Miami Business Center

    Customers can use our office in Miami as a Bussines Center, so Latin American executives can coordinate their business within American territory.

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